The short answer is YES! Record labels play a vital role in the growth of an artist’s brand. They provide the artist with a team of people who are knowledgeable and connected to the industry. Many of these people spent a great deal of time and money to obtain the knowledge and you get to take advantage of that. Their connections and ability to maneuver a complex industry can prove incredibly helpful.

We believe artists don’t need record labels for the same reason that they did even 15 years ago. The demands of music consumers and artists have changed and so, too, should the role of record labels. Unfortunately, that change hasn’t occurred.

That’s why we exist.

We believe artists don’t need record labels in the same way that they did 15 years ago. The needs of the music consumer and artists have shifted and so, too, should the role of a record label.

After the “Napster” revolution in 1999, the industry saw the appalling 360 Record Deal, .99 downloads, music streaming, and more. None of these are conducive to a long-term sustainable career for artists. In order for them to maintain their hold on the industry, traditional record labels stopped developing the careers of a new artist and, instead, shifted to the development of a project. While many labels claim to provide development, they do not mean an investment in your long-term career and in a long-term relationship with you.

We not only want artists to have development in their long term career – we require it. In the beginning, our unique artist development was part of our recording contract. Beginning in 2021, this development is available to anyone and, upon completion of the programme, you not only walk away with a greater insight into the industry, but you’ll also have a better understanding of what makes you different, a strategy for growth, and an abundance of tools and resources that can be used in your artist career – now.

We want to sign the most tenacious of artists. Complete the programme, get to know the team along the way, and demonstrate that tenacity, and we will sign you to the label giving you a greater team totally devoted to your success.

These are great accomplishments and you should be proud of yourself! Well done!

If you were able to achieve whatever definition of success that you have set for yourself, odds are, you wouldn’t be looking for a team like Dreamscope. Something is still missing.

There is only so much that a University or College can do to prepare you. Our development programme should supplement your degree and prepares you for a long-term sustainable career in a very practical way that is unique to you. That is, the “tasks” you’ll be asked to complete are tasks that will set you apart from other artists, earn you money, and give you the confidence you need to make better decisions for your career in the modern music industry.

While it can help, we don’t believe this is necessary. In fact, many people in the industry do not have degrees and instead have extensive experience gained simply from doing the job.

We believe that artists get into trouble when they don’t have a firm understanding of why they are doing music and how the music modern music industry works. This is when artists are taken advantage of, lead to believe that those around them have their best interest at heart when that’s not always the case, lose money, lose opportunities, and more. With just a bit of knowledge about how things operate, how to speak the lingo, and a strategy for growing your own artist business, you will have the confidence you need to have control over your career.

And you should always have control over your career. But with control comes great responsibility; responsibility to yourself to be able to make smart decisions for your career. The lingo you learn, the respect you earn.


This is totally unique to Dreamscope and only shows the commitment of our Board and Shareholders to be on the cutting edge of what it means to be a record label in the modern music industry.

When you have a share option in a company, you are given the “promise” of a share after certain conditions are met. It is a scheme set up by the UK government to help businesses grow by offering individuals the ability to hold a share in a particular company and to share in its success. We have set up a Share Option Scheme for Dreamscope artists so that you have the ability to own a piece of the record label that represents you giving you certain voting privileges and a new revenue stream in the future (dividends!). Once you are a Dreamscope Artist on the label, you will be granted 6 options in the company. The scheme is optional, meaning, you do not need to be a part of it if you choose not to.

Quite simply, once your share option converts to a share, it means you will have voting privileges in the BIG decisions that we make. It also means that you will own a small percentage of Dreamscope as a shareholder and you are entitled to dividends from the company. Your share options convert to a share once conditions are met (see next question) AND once we have a big investor (known as an “exit”).

Before you can be 100% vested there are conditions that need to be met. Any share option scheme will have conditions attached whether it’s milestones or time. In fact, employees of the company have a separate option scheme that is based on the time they spend with the company. When you are “100% vested” it means you own it officially. If you do not meet the conditions set, then the board has the ability to allow the option to expire – meaning you no longer have that option. Remember that the point of the scheme is to help us all to be successful. If we can do that, we should all share in that success!
The Artist Grant Option Scheme is milestone based. That means, that there are certain things you’ll need to achieve (“milestones”) in order for you to own the options. We have designed the artist milestones in such a way where, if artists do them, they will be helping themselves which, in turn, helps the Dreamscope. This also helps artists because their shares that they’ll ultimately own will be worth more! We believe that these milestones are very achievable but take a bit of work on the artist’s part. Work is good! So, the Milestones are as follows:
    • Remain associated with Dreamscope for 18 months following a “sale” of the company. If we are still distributing your work, then you’re still “with us” even though your artist contract may have expired. Artist contracts, though, are still only 1 year or 1 project.
    • Grow your e-mail distribution list by 50 subscribers every year for 5 years
    • Maintain a performance schedule of 15 gigs, minimum, per year for 5 years AND submit your setlist to your PRO (PRS for Music, GEMA, COMPASS, and so on)
    • Maintain music sales of at least 250 per year (download/streams – only 20 a month!) every year for 5 years
    • Submit a second album/EP (in addition to your single contract project when you sign as an artist with the label) for distribution by Dreamscope whether it is a Dreamscope produced project or not
    • Launch a membership/fan club in 5 years time and convert your email distribution list to paying members
    • Make 10 referrals to one of Dreamscope’s products/services


Since Dreamscope artists will have already taken the Music Industry Accelerator course, you’ll already have the guidance you need to steadily build your fan base to get you to where launching a membership model/fan club will be lucrative. As always, we are here to help you. Your success is ours and vice versa. Simply log in to the Dreamscope website and book an appointment from the My Account screen.


We have partnered with Payl8er because their values really align with ours.

Payl8er is a Buy Now, Pay Later platform built particularly for millenials. In fact, they have been rated the number 1 finance company for millenials with a Trustpilot rating of 4.5. They offer lending that is ethical, fast, and will not get you into financial trouble thanks for their crazy good options.

Don’t just take it from us. Read what people have said about Payl8er HERE

One of the things we like about Payl8er is that they do not base their decisions solely on a person’s credit history. They look at the person and their ability to pay thanks to open banking technology.

So those with thin credit files can obtain affordable options and grow their credit history. Their current acceptance rate is just over 73%.

Not yet. As of now, Payl8er is only available to UK residents but our partners are working hard to slowly make this option available to different parts of the world.

Stay tuned!

Once you have at least £50 in your cart, at checkout you will have the option to lay using Payl8er. Select it as your payment option and follow the prompts after.

Usually, you have a decision in under 60 seconds and your purchase will be complete!


We are so excited about this!

DaCapo Learning is the new e-learning platform developed by Dreamscope Media Group.

The Music Industry Accelerator is the flagship e-learning module on DaCapo Learning.

It is the artist development programme that we once only offered to label artists but is now available to anyone. However, its completion is a requirement for artists who wish to be on the label.


  • Distribution of 1 project to hundreds of global online retailers
  • Blank music industry contracts, finance spreadsheets, and data collection spreadsheets that are currently used in the music industry
  • Over 40 lessons with video taught by multi-independent music award-winning artist and record label executive Matt Annecharico
  • Topics include:
    • Standing out from the crowd
    • Record labels
    • Music industry contracts
    • Direct to fan marketing
    • Music law, copyright, and intellectual property
    • Building and working with your artist team
    • Learn what “tools” you need to make money from your career FASTER
  • “Just Thought You Should Know” coursebook in paperback, ebook, and audiobook form
  • Exclusive guides including
    • Identifying Your Niche
    • Digital Marketing
    • Memberships
    • Popular Music’s Impact on Film
    • The Microphone’s Impact on Popular Music
  • Exclusive Podcasts
  • FREE updates for life!

Absolutely! Get in touch and let us know your needs and we can create a bespoke deal for you that is deeply discounted.


We are dedicated to your long-term career.

Our team works towards a long-term relationship with you; to be partners in your long-term and sustainable career in the music industry.


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