Playlist sponsorship added to Deezer’s advertising options


Hey everybody, did you hear that you can now sponsor a playlist on Deezer? Not sure what the playlist is doing. Maybe a sponsored swim? A sponsored abseil? A sponsored jelly eating contest? Presumably not a sponsored silence. Tell you what, if Deezer Hits runs a marathon, I’m in for 40p per mile.

So yes, brands can now “choose to exclusively sponsor any of Deezer’s popular, curated editorial playlists that fit their offering and target audience”, Deezer Brand Solutions said yesterday, formally launching this surprisingly new advertising option on the Deezer freemium service.

“The ability to sponsor our curated editorial playlists opens up new opportunities for brands to connect to relevant and engaged audiences”, adds the company’s VP Of Advertising Sales Emilie Proyart.

“Deezer’s playlists are curated by our expert editors and the sponsorship option provides brands with the opportunity to stay close to the music with complementary visual and audio ads”, she goes on. “We are already working with brands in France, Turkey and Egypt, and look forward to offering this solution to more companies around the world”.

As do we all, I’m sure. Brands already being worked with include Marshall, which is currently sponsoring two of Deezer’s biggest playlists in its biggest market of France, those being Poptop and Pop All Stars.


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