Pop / Rock

Oslo, Norway

Robin Howard


"Everyone in the family is a drama queen. Even our dog is a fucking drama queen”

“I didn’t like playing other people’s stuff,” comments Howard. “As soon as I knew a few basic chords I started inverting them and making my own songs.” Robin spent the next several years developing his skills as a pianist, songwriter and as a performer. At the age of 19 he decided to travel to London where he began studying at Middlesex University for is Bachelor of Arts in Popular Music.

Drawing from his musical influences David Bowie, John Lennon and from the English poet Philip Larkin, Howard writes music in a way that a man 20 years his senior might. “Everything I write needs to touch someone in someway. That’s where the music comes from; the wish to do that,” says Howard. He acknowledges that he has yet to experience some of the things he writes about but that he draws his inspiration from films and the experiences of those around him. The appeal of Howard’s music is in his clever use of lyrics and mesmerising melodies that, mixed with a soulful voice beyond his years, captivates anyone within ear shot. His powerful tenor is reminiscent of the soulfulness of Johny Lang but filled with the drama of Freddie Mercery. “I would never write a song that isn’t from a painful place. I was taught that art has to hurt” comments Howard.

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