Pop / Country / R&B

London, England

Alex Cambridge


"Songs that reflect maturity and lyrical ability beyond her years" were the words used to describe 24-year-old British singer-songwriter Alex Cambridge.

Her debut EP ‘Long Story Short’ gained over 30k Spotify streams with the lead single ‘Nostalgia’ featuring on numerous Spotify playlists. Demonstrating the depth of her soul and the maturity of her voice, the songs tell a story in chronological order beginning with ‘Nostalgia’ where she examines the history of continually subjecting herself to a failed situation and finally leading to a point where she could say “okay – screw you. I’m over the situation” in ‘Rupture’.

Two years later, Alex prepares to release her debut album where she opens up about “coming of age” offering honest lyrics and a more mature R&B infused sound. “Growing up in a musical household” Cambridge says, “music was never off limits. It was something I knew from an early age.” Talking about her songwriting influences, she says “my mum always played music that made me feel something, music with meaning. I grew up listening to a lot of singer/songwriters and country music, so it definitely influenced the storytelling in my music.”

With features on BBC Radio 1 Xtra and BBC Radio London, her debut came with the winter themed “February” in which Cambridge proves that music can be simplistic and yet captivating. Lead by ambient production and celestial harmonies, this emotive love tale highlights the true lyricism and therapeutic qualities present in her music. Her follow up single ‘Many Moons Ago’ unveils a more urban and slightly edgier side, while staying true to her singer/songwriter roots.

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