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What price would you put on the chance to make a living as a creative in the music industry in a fraction of the time than it used to take artists?


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We believe record labels should be in service to the artist, not the music consumer. Your fans are your fans.


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You don’t need a record label as you did in 2000. You need a partner who is interested in your success and with connection to the industry, extensive knowledge and skills, and a passion to see you achieve your own definition of success.


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Dreamscope doesn’t just believe in dreams. We help make them a reality. Since 2016 we have grown to become an artist development company, record label, music publisher, book publisher,  and so much more! The UK’s Department for International Trade referred to us as “the model of the future for record labels” and we do all we can to live up to that. Featuring artists that are based in many countries around the world, a high-energy team, extensive industry connections, and big dreams to achieve.
Are you brave enough to create your own Dreamscope?
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Artists Come First. Always.

Once you’ve finished the Music Industry Accelerator (M.I.A.), you’re going to get the information and tools you need to have a sustainable long-term career in the music industry.

But as you take this valuable programme, help us to get to know you better and put into action all that you learn in the M.I.A. Afterwards, we may invest in you even more by offering you a Dreamscope Recording Contract. Our contracts with artists are 1 year or 1 project (whichever comes later) so you’re not locked in a long-term commitment, you have creative input every step of the way, you earn a majority of the income from sales and publishing, and you own all your Masters after the end of the Rights Period.

Oh – and we also give you a share option in the company so the more you work to grow your artist career, the more Dreamscope will grow, and the more valuable your share in the company becomes. Yep – you own a percentage of your record label.

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Artist Splits

Music Sales
Ownership of Masters (after the Rights Period)

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  • "Having a team around me is really incredible. My confidence has increased and I feel like I know so much more about the industry! Thank you so much for believing in me!"
    Nico GrundNico GrundArtists
  • "Before Dreamscope, I was wasting money on people who didn’t seem to care about my project. They just wanted the money. After a year of working with Dreamscope I have grown so much and I couldn’t have done it without you!"
    Matilda GraciaMatilda GraciaArtist
  • "Thank you for coming into my life, picking me up when I was so low, taking me on and believing in me. You've helped me believe in myself again."
  • "I couldn't have done this without you. Thank you for believing in me!"
    Alex CambridgeAlex CambridgeArtist
  • “Thank you for supporting me! The experience has been exciting and you make learning about the music business really fun and interesting!”
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